Baxter & Lindley are fully Independent Financial Advisers and have an entire range of investment options available for consideration in relation to a client’s particular needs.

A client portfolio could comprise shares, cash deposits in various accounts, Unit Trusts and ISAs.

Whatever your attitude to investment strategy, Baxter & Lindley can facilitate what is best for each individual client. We carefully assess your attitude to risk before compiling your portfolio and, once formalised, we undertake regular investment portfolio valuations and send out twice-yearly client portfolio reviews. In this way, we are continually checking that the investment decisions continue to be relevant and appropriate to a client’s needs.

Investment using a Wrap Platform Provider

The principles of making investment arrangements and then controlling diversification are complex. To maximise opportunities, Baxter & Lindley need to use a website operation to provide the necessary flexibility. Our wrap provider allows all investments to be made and managed under one administrative umbrella. The investments will be into an appropriate choice of “Tax Wrapper”, which could be General Investment (GIA), ISAs, Pensions and Unit Trusts.

The benefit of going through Baxter & Lindley and our wrap provider is that there is extra opportunity for diversification, all charges are transparent, and there is a far wider element of control for the client.

The Investment Diversification Solution™

To recommend investments, Baxter & Lindley prepare a document called the Investment Diversification Solution for all prospective clients. This will take into account a client’s attitude to risk, their age, and a blend of the best performing shares, bonds, property funds and cash funds available.

We complete a fact-find to help us to carefully consider your attitude to risk. In the mix of what we may recommend, we are looking for the potential of providing an overall portfolio comprising asset classes that average out your perception of risk/reward.

The Select-6 Investment™

Using the flexibility of Transact, and Unit Trust investments, Baxter & Lindley have put together a Portfolio of investment, which could be applied to lump sums of investment or regular premiums. We have called it Select-6 because there are:

  • 6 Major Asset Classes
  • 6 Diversification Proportions
  • 6 Best Investment Funds—one for each asset class

This unique concept gives you:

  • The ability to fine tune your financial portfolio to your own personal attitude to risk and reward.
  • The opportunity to limit exposure in only one asset class (not putting all your eggs in one basket!).
  • The removal of sentiment and emotion from decisions as to how to invest or de-invest.
  • The benefit of a “smoothing” effect in your portfolio returns.

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Regular Savings


ISA investments are usually into equities similar to Unit Trusts, but they are tax free. Each investor has an annual allowance. Baxter & Lindley normally make recommendations for ISA investment when required, and mail their clients once a year during March, with a suggestion at that time.

For further details, please call us on 01442 890891.


There is no satisfactory alternative to obtaining independent financial advice regarding a pension. Baxter & Lindley can effectively draw your attention to what you should know about your retirement planning. We can help you to answer the following questions:

  • How much are my present pension arrangements worth to me in retirement?
  • How much income do I need in retirement?
  • How much capital do I need in retirement?
  • What options for additional pension contributions are available to me?
  • Am I benefiting most from tax savings?
  • How will Stakeholder Pensions affect me?
  • How will minimum guaranteed incomes set by the Government affect me?
  • Can I keep out of Higher Rate Tax in retirement?
  • Will my pension reduce if my spouse dies?
  • Is my retirement provision protected in the event of sickness before retirement?
  • Is my retirement fund safe, or will Stock Market fluctuations and uncertainties erode my potential benefits?

When we have fully understood what your requirements are, we can arrange it for you, either through the comprehensive options offered by our wrap provider, or direct with a pension providing insurance company.

For further details, please call us on 01442 890891.

Tax Planning

Baxter & Lindley undertake tax planning for their clients in relation to their investment portfolios. We review Capital Gains Tax at the end of each financial year, advising clients of any actions that need to be taken.

  • Understanding of your attitude to risk

  • Diversification of portfolio

  • Continual review of performance versus needs

  • Clear, concise reporting

  • No hidden charges

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