Personal Accident and Illness Insurance at Lloyd’s for doctors, dentists and key practice staff.

A Locum could cost you £2,000 per week (£104,000 per year). The insurance could cost you as little as £31.45 per week. Which would you rather pay?

Accident or illness may prevent you from continuing in practice. You may need to hire a locum or compensate your partners if they deputise for you.

As a self employed person, when you are ill, you stop earning but you do not stop spending. Locum insurance covers the income that you could not earn, and allows you to maintain your lifestyle. Normally the partnership will cover for a sick colleague for 4 weeks. The burden after 4 weeks will fall upon the sick partner, at a time when he or she is least able to cope.

Your Health Authority may help if your list size is substantial. The maximum amount they may reimburse is £1,500 per week for full time cover on a reducing basis but only if you hire a locum. Its availability is at the Health Authority’s discretion but no amount of clarification now will provide any certainty for the future. We do not recommend you rely upon it.

To help you cope with the full cost burden, or to encourage your partners to help out, you need Locum Insurance.

Details of cover

Example of cover for a full-time practitioner:
£2,000 p.w. — 4 weeks deferred

* Premium paid annually in advance, £1,636.60 p.a., the equivalent of £31.45 p.w.

£145.00 p.m.

This Locum Insurance is underwritten by certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s. It is an annually renewable Accident and Illness insurance, designed to provide a weekly income. The outline of cover in this web site is for information only, and a full certificate wording is available on request.

The certificate is renewable annually with no evidence of health condition required, except where an individual has made a claim during the preceding 12 months.

If a member is unable to work through accident or illness, the Underwriters at Lloyd’s will pay the full weekly benefit, after the deferred period, for up to 52 weeks. A member has up to 15 months during which he or she can begin the claim, after the accident or illness first declares itself.

If a member returns to work after a period of claim, and was subsequently unable to work through accident or illness, the deferred period would not apply to the second or subsequent claim, in respect of the same accident or illness, unless at least 13 weeks continuous period of work had taken place between claims.

Age limits

Doctors and dentists can apply up to the date of their 65th Birthday.


This insurance shall not pay for any claim arising from any physical defect, infirmity or medical condition known to the insured person or for which the insured person has received treatment, during the three years prior to the commencement of their coverage. However, this exclusion shall not apply if such condition had been without the necessity of medical consultation or treatment for three consecutive years, or underwritten at outset by underwriters at Lloyd’s.

The outline of cover in this web site is for information only, and a full certificate wording is available on request.
For further details, please call us on 01442 890891.

  • Easy to set up

  • Protection for the GP and the key practice staff

  • Benefit is paid whether or not you hire a Locum

  • Same premium for all—male/female, smoker/ non-smoker, any age

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