Before making a will, you need to decide:

  • Who you want to benefit from your Estate. If this is your spouse, who would you choose if your spouse dies as well.
  • Who you want to trust with the role of Executor and Trustee, their names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Who you want to trust with the role of guardians for your children.
  • Whether you would want to be buried, cremated or donated.
  • Who you would want to exclude from benefiting if you have a particular reason.
  • If you want to leave specific gifts or legacies, on first or second death.
  • If you want any charities to benefit, you need the charity name and number.
  • If all beneficiaries died at the same time, who would you want your estate to go to.

Once you have decided on the above, please contact us and one of our Financial Advisers will be more than happy to talk things through with you regarding drawing up your Will.

Trusts/Inheritance Tax Planning

We have access to a comprehensive range of Trusts for protecting your assets, including Death in Service, Life Assurance and Pension Benefits, for the beneficiaries you choose. This might protect them from erosion of capital value as a result of long-term care costs or losing their identity after your death, if your partner re-marries.

Also, there could be very significant Inheritance Tax planning advantages for your estate.

Please call Katy Baxter on 01442 890891 for more information.

The advice given to you here is based on our understanding of current arrangements. There can be no guaranteed outcome by using such a Trust and Baxter & Lindley cannot be held liable for legislative changes that may negate the expected benefits of this type of planning.

Please contact us to discuss further.

LPAs (Lasting Power of Attorney, Property & Affairs)

Who would you like to look after your affairs if you became unable to do so?

If you arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney, any decisions regarding your property and affairs would be made by the person of your choice, thus saving you and your family a lot of stress and frustration.

If you would like to discuss this confidentially, please call Katy Baxter on 01442 890891.

  • Ensuring your money goes to the people you actually want it to

  • Assistance with tax planning, including Inheritance Tax

  • Protection of your assets

  • Ensuring that should you become unable to handle your own affairs, somebody you have nominated looks after your family’s needs

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