Equity Release, or Lifetime Mortgage, is the generic term used to describe borrowing against, or selling part of, your main residence, to perhaps improve your income throughout retirement, provide funds to family members, or undertake Inheritance Tax planning. Sometimes it can be for a combination of these reasons.

Lifetime Mortgages are designed to be open-ended so you donít have to repay the borrowing to the lender; instead it is usually repaid from the value of your property after you die. If you are husband and wife, you can undertake an arrangement jointly, and it can continue until the second one of you dies.

For anyone interested in Equity Release, it is very important for you to get independent advice from a qualified Practitioner in this field. You need to understand the options available, and you and your family need to understand exactly what you are doing.

Baxter & Lindley Financial Services Ltd have almost 20 yearsí experience, providing advice to many clients and customers throughout the UK. Whilst we have always been pleased to provide help and advice regarding pensions, investments, savings, mortgages, tax planning, and so on, we have found that there is increasing demand amongst our clients for specialist help in this important area of financial planning.

The process begins with our independent assessment of your situation and circumstances, and the Equity Release market as a whole. The information and recommendations included here are based on the information you will provide to us and any conversations we have had. If there are any material items of information left out, or incorrect, obviously we cannot be held responsible for the validity of the suggestions made to you.

We answer any questions you have, and address any concerns. At this stage, you might want your family to be involved and, if so, we would suggest a meeting to go through the issues important to you all. Then we refine your Plan and, based on any alterations you would like to make, we organise the appropriate paperwork in order for you to proceed. Our staff are well trained in order to guide you through the process, which may take a few weeks to come to fruition. The processing of your application is dealt with by us, but we will be keeping you informed of progress week by week.

Please contact one of our experts, Katy Baxter or Malcolm Lindley, on 01442 890891 for further information.

  • The option of staying in your own home long-term, but providing the cash/income you need now

  • Regular updates during the initial process

  • Expert knowledge

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